Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quick to bail single dad

I blew it.

So the tall cute single dad totally beat me in our last game. I started another. And started another dialogue.

Ayelet: surprise -- you won the last game
TCSD: When can I get my foot massage ? lol
Double or nothing

What does that mean?

Ayelet: DONE
Except what exactly is double a foot massage? Two foot massages?

He didn't get it.

Ayelet: You said "double or nothing" -- how do you double a foot massage?
I'd like to clearly state the parameters before I enter into another binding agreement ;)

And... silence. More than 12 hours ago. He has continued playing but stopped chatting. I predict he won't start another game with me, and even if he does, he will never be anything but a WWF friend. That's what my gut is telling me.

I'm not entirely surprised. In our singles group he described himself as "recently divorced." He's obviously not looking to get married again anytime soon. He's just a quick to bail single dad. At least he didn't waste 11 months of my life like Ivan the Terrible.

Although he did just "like" my latest status update...
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  1. eh- u didn't blow it...u just have to slow urself down...a promise of a foot massage on an online game doesn't mean much and just keep that in mind...when a guy is interested he makes an attempt to reach out of the online world into the real one...if he doesn't then it is what it is and next :-)