Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tall Cute Single Dad

So I met a tall, cute single dad (TCSD) in one of my singles FB groups. Actually, in his pictures he looks tall and cute, but I can't be sure because I've never met him in person. We have, however, been flirting. Sort of.

I recently started playing Words With Friends, the game that got Alec Baldwin kicked off an airplane. I don't find it that addictive, maybe because it doesn't show you the word score until after you've submitted the word (unlike the dear departed Scrabulous). But I have about 7 or 8 games going at any given time.

Someone named "Chuck Norris Rules" sent me a game request. Well, you don't turn down a Chuck Norris fan, right? That could be dangerous. So I accepted and we played for a while. Eventually he revealed that he's TCSD. We started exchanging little messages via the game. I didn't keep them, unfortunately, so you'll have to trust me when I say that he sounded flirtatious but not overly eager or enthusiastic. Kind of playing it lukewarm instead of entirely cool.

He also found me on OKCupid. We chatted some more -- again, he was very friendly but kind of noncommittal. And rated me either 4 or 5 stars -- the site doesn't tell you which, just that the person rated you highly. Fine, so I rated him highly too and the site generated an automatic message to each of us that we chose each other.

We chose each other! 
Hey Ayelet, We chose each other!
Reply to this message to contact me. If you don't want to receive rating messages, go to the settings page to change your notification settings.

Of course I didn't reply. I just kept playing WWF and responding to his messages there, friendly but not too encouraging.

Normally when I like a guy, I comment obsessively on his posts and updates. But I'm holding back this time, as difficult as that is. He posted a status update that he was going on a tropical vacation; I reminded him to wear sunscreen, but that was it. When he returned and posted photos, I looked but didn't comment. When he posts in the group, sometimes I comment and sometimes I don't. He's matching me in this, more or less. Except that when he got back from vacation, he emailed me on OKCupid:

TCSD: Hey Ayelet

A: Hey TCSD -- looks like you enjoyed your time in tropical paradise :)

TCSD: Uh oh you're now an expert in reading people. Yes I did

A: thanks to those links you posted ;)

He's a lawyer (shocker, another Jewish lawyer) and posted an article about how to tell if someone is lying. Which I found very revealing, and plan to review and learn from.

But... that was it. Except we've continued playing WWF. He's commented on some of my posts; I comment on very few of his, and very little that he's commented on.

Tall has never been an important criterion for me, since I'm very short, so physically it's awkward. Despite that, he looks very attractive, at least in the pictures. He's also the father of four children and doesn't want to have any more. Which I understand. Given my age, not to mention my back/knee problems and bipolar disorder, pregnancy might be a very bad idea for me. And I'd rather be married to someone who loves and accepts me, and decide not to have my own children because I have an important role in raising his, than hold out for the "perfect" man.

It's very unlike me to sit back and wait for a man to decide to ask me out. But I'm trying something different. Running after men like Broom Hilda hasn't gotten me anywhere in 42 years. I'm going to play it cool with this guy and anyone else who starts expressing interest.
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