Sunday, October 07, 2012

Another damn Russian

A few weeks ago I was contacted on a dating website. By a 27-year-old.

Hey Ayelet, I just wanted to wish you a happy and sweet new year. Looking forward to getting to know more about you, let's talk soon! Asher

Please. You are TWENTY-SEVEN. I sent what I thought was a nice brush-off.

Shana tova, Asher. Have a sweet 5773.

He was not discouraged.

a little more about me

i was born in Moscow came to America at he age of 4 I am a Employee Specialist for people who have a mental disability. my ultimate goal is to open a college for disabled kids . The reason why is because when I was younger I was diagnosed with being dyslexic and they told my parents he would never graduate school and I proved them wrong so I want other kids also to prove there former teachers and parents wrong. im a romantic Kind of guy im looking for marriage. my grandfather was a schindler jew. Hopefully I didn't bore you to much hehe :) Cant wait to hear from you

i love kids and i love to travel, i love to cook,i love to read , i love to explore something new

p.s.s..s I am Arkady nice to meet you :)

He sounds nice, but he's FIFTEEN years younger than I am. I don't really think that's appropriate. He has dyslexia; maybe he thought I'm 24? I'll let him down easy

Arkady, you seem like a very nice guy, but you are too young for me.

He bounced back quickly:

can you help me find a girl

No, because I'm not your damn matchmaker, and I have enough on my plate. Story of my life: the only people interested in me are 10 to fifteen years away from my age.
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