Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hello again, David

Two years ago I met David at one of ET's Simchat Torah meals. I thought we had a connection, but it petered out pretty quickly. I friended him on Facebook, but after he failed to comment on my posts and demonstrated no interest when I saw him at shul, I unfriended him.

Last July, mutual friend Aviva posted a cute picture on Facebook that David and I both commented on. He apparently noticed that I'd unfriended him and sent me a friend request. I accepted, not expecting much. However, I committed one of my stupid-but-I-think-it's-cute attempts at flirtation: I told him he needed new glasses and a better haircut.

David's an engineer, so I shouldn't expect him to know better, but he looks kind of like an extra from the 80s nerdfest Weird Science. Feathered hair and big round glasses. So when he friended me, I commented publicly that he needed new glasses and a new haircut, and I should take him to get them.

I don't know why I always want to take men for a better haircut. It got me in serious trouble with Ivan the Terrible, back when he was still JV. But then another friend, Cosette, said she needed new glasses too. So I created an event for 8/12/12:

David and Cosette are getting new glasses

It is time. Long past time. I am taking David and Cosette shopping for new glasses frames. We're going to go to the flea market first. If we don't find anything I like, the adventure will continue. Also, David has to get a haircut but I suspect Cosette would not enjoy watching that as much as I will enjoy supervising it.

It didn't work.

David: My flexible spending account is too low. Reschedule for 2013, please. (Also, I have plans all day on the 12th.)
Ayelet: Plans all day is an acceptable excuse, so give me a better day/time. If nothing else, at least you can get a haircut.
David: As I said, 2013. (Although I can get a haircut in 2012.)
Ayelet: So be a man, call a nice salon, and book an appointment!

He did not. So after that, I left it alone.

This Simchat Torah, ET made another meal the first night. I ended up sitting across from David, and noticed with distinct pleasure that he'd gotten a much better haircut.

"My usual barber was out," he said after I complimented him on it.

"That is your new barber!" I said.

Again the conversation and flirtation seemed to flow. He even told me to go where he would be the second night. Which I did, but had already made plans to hang out with a friend that night, so I didn't really hang out with him. I don't know if that would have made a difference. I thought he might suggest we hang out after the holiday, but he didn't.

I shouldn't be surprised. He's younger than I am, and not very sophisticated. He probably could not handle a woman like me, and wouldn't want to. But I'm still disappointed.

I'm distinctly aware that I'm not giving a very full or engaging account of what happened with me and David. Writing is not coming as naturally to me these days. I don't know if it's because all my emotional energy is being drained at work or because I'm interacting more with people on Facebook and Twitter.
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