Saturday, April 06, 2013

Is this guy hitting on me?

Margalit, a smart friend of mine, told me that my next boss will probably find me on LinkedIn. I decided to start aggressively adding connections to make that happen faster. Sometimes I add people, and sometimes they add me. Like this guy Dustin. He's an administrator at the hospital with which my clinics are affiliated. Of course, the clinics are nowhere near the actual hospital, but I'm still banned from wearing open-toed shoes, which I resent greatly, especially in summer.

Anyway, Dustin sent me a connection request. I figured that a hospital administrator will know other hospital administrators and maybe one of them will rescue me from my current job. I was not expecting this:

Hey Ayelet -- Nice meeting you over LinkedIn. I don't recall us meeting at the hospital. Where do you work out of? Hope ur having a great day. Talk soon, Dustin.

That... sounds kinda personal. Especially the "ur" and "Talk soon." He's cute in his picture, seems to be about my age judging by when he got his bachelor's. I can't tell if he's Jewish, but if I'm not going to have children, does it matter?

I am so, so, so not up for flirting these days. Half the time I'm wired and anxious from the stupid lidocaine, and I feel like an elephant. My LinkedIn picture is cute and winsome and very flattering. Not elephantine. So how should I respond?
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  1. I think you're reading too much into things, he just wants to know how he knows you

    1. You're probably right. I sent back a friendly but not flirty response.