Thursday, April 18, 2013

The end of Ezra

I'm feeling happier at work these days, even though I'm still having a lot of pain. I'm very involved in a lot of cases, calling outside agencies and providers to coordinate care, discussing patients with counselors and clinic managers and nurses and doctors. They take me seriously and value my input. I'm not sure why I thought I was such a loser failure while I was home on leave this winter; probably because I was depressed.

But while I'm able to work, I can't really do anything after work Or on the weekends. So I'm pretty resolved on having the surgery, even though I'll need monthly "adjustments" for a YEAR afterward.

Right now, I'm not well enough to date. If that wasn't made clear when I tried to go on a date after taking Percocet, it's definitely clear after the Ezra disaster. I hadn't heard from him since my last desperate salvo. Tonight I saw him on Facebook chat and forced the issue:

Ayelet: I can tell I made you uncomfortable. Would you like me to unfriend you?

Ezra: Goodness no, stay friends. LJBFBF as they say. Soon by you and regards to Margalit and family. Tell her my ex just married her fourth husband. Be well, E


R: Lets just be face book friends....

A: See, I don't really need any more FB friends, and even less do I need reminders of missed opportunities.

R: Ok, your call. whatever makes you more comfortable. E

Unfriended. And I'm trying not to think about dating right now. At all. I just don't think I'm well enough. Since it's too late for me to have children, there's no rush. I need to focus on work and getting well.
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  1. "Margalit" (I think)4/18/2013 9:23 PM

    His ex just married her 4th?? She really is a piece of work, and it is amazing how many suckers are out there.