Thursday, May 02, 2013

Should I go out with this one?

Good news. The former supervisors' supervisor signed off on my LCSW paperwork. Hopefully it's all in order -- I thought I was good at paperwork, but this application is complicated. She was actually extremely pleasant.

"I'm so glad there are no hard feelings," I said as I was leaving. "Since I left on such bad terms."

"I can't remember that far back," she joked.

We chatted about my current job and her agency's plans for the future. I'm hugely relieved. I saw one evil former co-worker -- the one who accused me of not liking him because he's black and who used to scream at me during staff meetings -- but we ignored each other. And I hugged two very black former co-workers, who were delighted to see me.

I got an email from someone on a dating website. A very brief email:


So I looked at his profile.

Gender - Male
Location - Queens
Age - 45

Not too far from me, close in age. SFSG.

Height - 5'9" (175 cm)
Eye Color - Brown
Hair Color - Black
Hearing Impaired - No
Body Type - Slender
Exercise - Occasional
Ethnicity - Middle Eastern

No problems with any of that. Average height, not obese, hearing unimpaired.

Marital Status - Divorced
Astrological Sign - Sagittarius
Languages - English,Persian/Farsi
Have Children - I have 2
Want Children - Yes

Divorced is good, shows he's not afraid of commitment. And he comes with bonus children. Not sure I could give him more kids if he wants them. Also, he's Persian, and every other Persian I've dated has been crazy.

Biography - I'm a good listenr ,quiet and compassionate supportive and loyal with a big hart.
Perfect First Date - .. have a good time wiht common values personality.

Hm. I realize he probably came to the US as a teen or young adult, so I shouldn't judge him by his writing skills. He mentions good qualities -- loyal, supportive.

Profession - manager food caterers
Job Title - manager
Education - High School Diploma

I know, I know, I'm an intellectual snob. But I have two master's degrees. Am I going to be interested or bored talking to him?

Jewish Ethnicity - Sephardic
Religion - Modern Orthodox
Frequency Of Synagogue - Every Sabbath
Kosher - Always
Willing To Make Aliyah - Maybe
Parents Are Jewish - Both of them are Jewish
Are you Cohen? - n

I could go back to being Modern Orthodox, and he's not a Cohen, so I'm not barred from marrying him.

I guess he didn't put much thought into the next section:

About my Date
Location - Any and in Any miles from me
Height - Any
Age - Any
Marital Status - Any
Hair Color - Any
Eye Color - Any
Body Type - Any
Exercise - Any
Politics - Any
Smoking - Any
Drinking - Any
Jewish Ethnicity - Any
Religion - Any
Frequency of Synagogue - Any
Kosher - Any
Willing To Make Aliyah - Any
Have Children - Any
Want Children - Any
Education - Any
Salary - Any
Relocate - Any

Any girl will do, it seems. I don't know. I don't think I'm really well enough to date, but should I write him back?
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