Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why can't he be 15 years older?

Heard from yet another way-too-young kid on OKCupid.

Hey there. Really digging your profile. Seems like we have a lot in common. How's your week going?

I had to wonder whether a 23-year-old in 2013 would actually say "digging your profile," but I wrote back. Why not? Nothing else going on.

Thanks. Week is fine so far. What do we have in common?

He's a recent college grad thinking of going to law school in a few years. Because he's twenty-three.

You have good taste in music, can appreciate the benefits of a good mattress, are Jewish, and seem to like children. Seem like quite a catch to me, to be honest. Plus, you are quite beautiful, which doesn't hurt :)

I guess he likes acoustic guitar, and among my "six things I could never do without," I include my ridiculously expensive Stearns & Foster bed. It's a cute reply, and flattering of course, but how could I ever raise children with someone two decades my junior?

I'm also twice your age. I'll be 43 in 8 days. 

He's not easy to daunt.

I'm pretty mature and tend to connect more with older women. That a huge turn off? Apologize if so.

Of course, he's only flattering me so I'll sleep with him, because clearly he has something of a cougar fetish. But I won't disturb the illusion.

It's not a turn-off, but I can't imagine a real future with someone 20 years younger than I am.

If my knees were in better shape, maybe I'd meet him for a tussle, but I'm seriously on the injured list. Again I wonder why the only men who pursue me are either much too young, too old, or not Jewish. Because another guy from OKCupid -- who is 40 -- emailed me. And I'm almost tempted to meet him, even though he's definitely not Jewish. I've already given up on having children. Why shouldn't I have companionship?
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