Sunday, June 02, 2013

Low stakes, so how'd I screw it up?

Right around Memorial Day a non-Jewish guy contacted me on OKCupid.

hi there. I liked your profile. Let's chat.


I guess I figured that I have nothing going on, so why not engage in conversation and see what happens? If I'm not going to have a baby and I feel alienated from the frum community, maybe I should expand my horizons.

Sure. Your kids are really cute. I love kids :)


There's a picture of him being attacked by two boys on his profile.

Aww thanks, they are super little monsters. How was your first weekend of summer?


I didn't want to tell him that I stayed in and ordered Chinese food since the knee pain prevents me from painting the town red.

AWESOME. I did absolutely nothing and totally decompressed. How was yours?

I didn't sign my name. I was trying to be kind of cursory, give little bits of information, so he'd be forced to actually ask for my phone number in order to learn more about me. One of those "The Rules" tactics: make him work to get to know you because men like a challenge.

Me too and it was great! Do you live in manhattan? What neighborhood?


I responded even more briefly:

Upper West Side.

And... I haven't heard from him in almost a week. But he keeps looking at my profile almost every day. So what did I do wrong? Usually I only screw things up when I actually want to meet the guy.
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  1. He probably thought the conversation had died and figured it was a waste of time to go any further. I'm sure I've misread signals that way at one time or another.