Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ayelet advocates for herself

I have been waiting forever for the New York State Education Department to sign off on my LCSW paperwork and declare me eligible to take the LCSW examination. Today, as I languish at home, recovering from yet another stint of sinusitis/bronchitis (third or fourth this year; I work in an unventilated germ box), I decided to email all of my elected officials -- from President Obama on down to my local community board -- and let them know what's happening, or rather, what isn't happening.

I am a clinical social worker with master's degrees from (distinguished CUNY) and (distinguished school of social work) and have obtained my LMSW. Months ago, I submitted my LCSW paperwork (documenting my hours of supervised work in the field) to the Dept. of Education to obtain permission to take the LCSW examination. They made this process very difficult by not telling me, when I specifically asked, all of the documents I would need, and then later telling me my application was incomplete without those documents. But finally I submitted everything to their satisfaction.

For more than four weeks, I have been calling to find out my application status. Every time they either tell me something is missing that is not missing, or merely say "It's being reviewed." It is not that long an application. I am tired of waiting for permission to take the examination, and not having the LCSW—for which I am fully qualified— is significantly hindering my professional advancement and development.

I am a registered Democrat and vote in every election. I'm sending you and all my other elected officials this note because I am fed up with the Education Dept.'s delays and excuses.

Sincerely, Ayelet Survivor, MA, LMSW

I added an additional paragraph to Chuck Schumer's email:

Also, I am single and I hear you like setting people up. I am 43, very attractive, a petite and voluptuous brunette, smart, spunky, and very kind and loving. If you know a nice Jewish man aged 38-48 who might be interested, feel free to ask me for a photo to show him.

It's election season in NYC. I didn't want to threaten to vote Republican, but maybe I should send emails to the Republican local candidates as well, promising them my vote if they light a fire under the NYS Ed Dept.
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  1. For the record, I called them AGAIN that same day (9/18/13) and they told me I'm eligible to schedule the exam. Have not heard back from Chuck Schumer about my husband, though.

  2. Agreed, dealing with agencies like NYSED & OASAS can be frustrating and time consuming. Glad it worked out for you.