Monday, October 28, 2013

Shut up. Please. Please, just SHUT. UP.

I posted before about a clueless married friend who asked me while I'm still single. I told her I didn't know and hoped that would be the end of it.

Of course it wasn't. Out of the blue she emailed me:

Do you pray for your future husband?

She's a devout Catholic. I didn't want to get into my whole spiritual confusion, so I responded tersely:

I used to. It didn't seem to work.

Subtext: Please stop. Just stop.

She is oblivious to subtext.

Hmmmm. God's timing is not our own.

That's for darn sure. I didn't respond, hoping she would let. It. DROP.

She didn't.

The priest who married my husband and I said the best relationships/marriages happen when neither is looking. That is what happened with Devon and I. We have been friends since I was 22; we used to work together and we crossed paths 14 years ago regarding work stuff. Neither was looking, but God changes hearts. The harder you try, Ayelet, the more it will allude [sic.] you. Just my own experience.

When I didn't respond, she added:

My 2 cents.

Why is it that people think they have the right to judge and criticize you just because you accept their friend request on Facebook? I haven't responded, but I've been wanting to send her an article entitled "17 Things You Should Never Say To A Single Woman," which includes #8:

The right guy will come along when you stop looking.

I don't know if I should send it to her. Because I don't want to have that conversation with her. The one where I tell her, "Shut up. Please. Please, just SHUT. UP."
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  1. Oysh. Well-meaning clueless people can be so damn irritating...