Friday, November 01, 2013

DON'T try to find me on dating websites. EVER.

I frequently write about my misadventures with men I meet on dating websites. This has led several men to look for me on those sites. And when they find me, I inevitably feel creeped out. If you want to contact me, my email address is helpfordepression @ Use that. Don't find me on a site and then gleefully contact me to let me know you successfully stalked me. I don't enjoy that.

It happened recently.

do please excuse my indiscretion. I think you run that Ayelet blog. I really enjoy it. 

hope you are not offended or creeped out , I looked you up on [the site]. I was just wondering what you looked like. You are an attractive woman.

I was depressed for many years, but I somehow survived. And live a good life now. While I was ill I started reading your blog. Now that I have been stable for quite a while, I still really appreciate the blog. It's a good mix of sadness and laughter.

The stories you tell about dating are quite hilarious. I am not entirely sure I know how to approach a woman, but I am amazed how incompetent, rude and stupid some men are.

It can, indeed, be somewhat of problem when you have or had a mental illness. There are, however, a few good people who are willing to give someone a chance.

Well, yes, I am offended and creeped out. Even though he only had lovely things to say about my looks and my blog. Because his screenname is "wooden box" and he has nothing on his profile. No pictures, no mini-essays. Nothing. And that is very unsettling. He knows so much about me, and I know nothing about him.

I asked him, nicely, to contact me via my gmail address. Instead, he instant-messaged me. Boundaries, dude! So I blocked him.

It's been a mistake to mention which sites I'm meeting people on, or what I have written on my profile. I'm going to try to be a lot more careful in the future.

But that rotund guy on OKCupid still hasn't gotten his act together. I'm mystified that he was able to get married and have children with someone.  
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  1. Wow. Arent there thousands of people on those sites how the heck did he find you? The way you described his profile it would seem he just created it to find you. He writes that he' s 'not sure' he knows how to approach woman . MAKE THAT DEFINITELY DOES NOT and it was a ' rude and stupid' thing to do.WHAT A CREEP

    1. Well, he does now ;) He emailed me to apologize and said it was never his intention to creep me out. I guess this was something of a lesson for him. I hope I didn't overreact. I realize I put myself out there by posting about my dating life, but I really don't want to be tracked down on dating websites.