Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ayelet messes with The Man

I'm depressed. Not just my opinion -- Dr. New thinks so. A few weeks ago I was put on Synthroid by Dr. Cool, and ever since I've been miserable. Headaches, nausea, wooziness. It immobilized me, and huddling in my small apartment, my mood has worsened. It doesn't help that it's winter, I'm not getting any exercise, I missed my Apostherapy appointment and my knee pain is worse, and I can't face going back to my job.

Fortunately, Dr. New says I don't have to, as far as she's concerned. Not yet. She increased my Cymbalta, something my previous psychiatrist would never have considered. She also thinks I should see an endocrinologist, so I'll be making some phone calls tomorrow, and hopefully an appointment.

The day before I started the Synthroid, I had a job interview. I thought it went well, but I didn't hear back, so I guess it didn't, or someone else's went better. Another job I interviewed for lost its funding. I'm not remotely well enough to start a new job, so missing those opportunities isn't the worst thing. But I still get job opening emails, and sometimes I submit my resume.

Sent it off today for an opportunity called "Clinical Professional LCSW." The job description was kind of vague, but I'm a clinical professional with a LCSW, and they said it was with a terrific agency. Turns out, it's for a position that I almost interviewed for in November.

I say "almost" because I scheduled an interview, then got a voicemail from the interviewer saying he needed to reschedule. I called a few times but only ever got his voicemail, so I left a message with some times I'd be available. No response. It struck me as odd. I started to wonder if I was blacklisted from the agency, since I'd sent in my resume a few times and had never been called for an interview. Which kinda hurt because my second-year internship was with this agency -- a different office, but still.

Ultimately, I interviewed for a similar position at yet another branch of the agency (it's pretty large). They had me do an enormous application -- not just listing where you went to school starting with elementary, but pages and pages of "what would you do in this scenario"? I don't like filling out applications -- I consider it beneath me and a waste of my time. Doctors don't fill out stupid job applications like a teenager trying to get a job at McDonald's. Social workers shouldn't either, especially social workers with two master's degrees.

But I did the whole damn application, and then learned that the salary range is below acceptable. Seriously, if you want an LCSW you should be prepared to pay more than $58,000. That is just pathetic.

So today, after I sent off my resume, they responded quickly. I don't want to quote their email, but they said that they'd like to present me as a candidate if I were interested and the salary range was acceptable to me. The opportunity is the same one I applied for in November. (At least I think it is. It's a big agency and that location has several clinicians at that level, so it could be another clinical coordinator in that building.)

I blithely responded that the salary range was insufficient, but I'd be happy to discuss any other opportunities they have. I didn't expect to hear back again in the same day, but the recruiter asked if I'd like to be submitted with a higher minimum salary.

I don't know why I said yes. I mean, if the interviewer was interested in me, he'd have rescheduled. I guess I wanted to seem agreeable to the recruiter, although my limited experience with them hasn't been that wonderful. There was one recruiter who, last October, actually pushed me to get my LCSW so I could interview for a position. After the interview I never heard from him or the agency. Which was upsetting, because I didn't know what I did wrong. I have two other recruiters who've left me voicemail recently, and I need to stall them because I'm not really up for an interview right now.

I suppose I thought it would be fun to mess with the interviewer that blew me off. Although now that I think about it, it's a little risky. I'm not going to be in interview shape for at least a week, probably longer.

Yonina and I have patched things up after our fight. She's a mature adult, after all, and she loves me despite the mess I am. I still haven't decided whether I want to go to Jerusha for the Seders. My mother called last night; I told her I wasn't talking to her and hung up.
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  1. Not sure why you keep assuming you screwed up--based on your description my guess is the position got put on hold for internal reasons. Maybe they decided they were not ready to hire someone at that point. So, go get 'em!

    1. Maybe. It was just weird that he canceled the appointment with a vague voicemail and then never returned my call. It doesn't really matter, because they're not going to meet my salary range. Now I just have to stall the others who've been calling.