Sunday, March 23, 2014

Alone is loneliest when you're sick

I have bronchitis. AGAIN. Very annoying. But at least I'm not congested, because I'm layering Sudafed on top of maximum-strength Mucinex. Assuming I don't have a stroke, I'm okay. Not great, because I'm still coughing and weak. I went to the drugstore for a few things -- four blocks there, four back -- and got home exhausted.

Sorta happy, though, because I got a new job. More money, less bullshit. I start May 5, so I have plenty of time to get better. But I don't intend to go back to my old job. At all.

This could be tricky, because I haven't gotten any disability payments yet. I'm not sure why. I thought I did all of the complex paperwork, and the disability company told me that on March 6 they approved me through March 12. It's now March 23. I emailed the department secretary and hope she can make things happen. And at some point I'll have to tell them I'm not coming back.

I'm too tired to go out and do things. Fortunately, I wasn't too sick to go to a Purim party. Aside from that, I've been a hermit. And now that I feel emotionally stable but physically weak, I'm bored out of my mind. I've been corresponding with three or four men from Jwed and OKCupid, and they all have my phone number, but they're not calling. They prefer to email. I'm trying to respond with brief messages so that they'll understand they have to call me to learn anything of substance, but that's not really working. At least not yet.

Being single sucks when you're sick. Even when you can order in chicken soup and chat with people online. I just want someone to lie down with me and hold me, and I can't have that.
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