Sunday, August 31, 2014

Practice makes perfect?

Never ceases to amaze me how bad I am at online dating, or dating in general. OKCupid is known for having tons of men who send out generic emails to tons of women in hopes of playing a numbers game -- maybe a few will respond. Here are a few examples:

  • Hi pretty how you doing today that is a lovely smile you got right there on your profile pic. Do me a favor always keep that smile on your face.  
  • You have a contagious smile and look that invited me to your profile. I am writing you with hope of sustaining a connection with you, i feel we have a lot we could explore together, i would love to learn more about you if you don't mind. Go through my profile and write me back if anything about me piques your interest. Honesty is important to me and i love the simple things in life. This is my first time on a dating site and am hoping to make it count.....I look forward to your response. Hugs
  • Im Jack, just wanted to say in all honesty. you have to be one of the most beautiful women I have seen in forever. you have stunning eyes and a stunning smile. simply gorgeous   
  • Just wanted to say you are truly a beautiful seem intriguing and classy..I'd love to get to know you better...if you give me the opportunity to... 

But recently I got an initial email that sounded a bit more sincere:

You have one of the best profiles I've seen... gorgeous photo, of course; you really did put some time into it and have a nice way of expressing yourself. Anyway, in addition to liking your comfortable and also confident look in your photos, thought we'd have some things in common... Would be great to hear back from you.

Normally I wouldn't have responded, because he is not Jewish and "somewhat serious" about Catholicism. But I thought he sounded interesting in his profile, and his picture was cute, so I responded:

Thanks :) I like writing, and when I'm with friends, I'm always comfortable & confident. You express yourself well too.

It's been two days, and no response. I'm wondering why. Possibly he's busy; it's Labor Day weekend, after all. But why be so enthusiastic in an initial email and then completely ignore my response? What did I do wrong? Should I not have suggested that I'm only comfortable and confident around my friends? Did I not sound interested enough in him?

Or maybe that's just his initial email to everyone, and someone prettier and younger also responded to him.

I totally suck at dating. Online and offline.
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