Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Ayelet takes a shot in the dark

Woke up this morning at 3 am with a pounding heart. Not unusual, but hasn't happened for a while. Work has been very stressful; I walked in on one of my subordinate, joking around, giving the Nazi salute and saying"Heil Hitler" -- and my supervisor seemed more pissed at my reaction than her action -- i.e., I said in front of others, "Please don't do that" rather than taking her aside to discuss it.

I stood my ground and refused to give a written statement of my actions, because I didn't want it to be used against me, and my supervisor backed down. But only enough to meet with me and the subordinate to say that some jokes aren't appropriate for the workplace.

For the workplace? What about ANYWHERE?

That, and some other work shit I don't want to get into, has me on edge. Which could be another reasson for the insomnia and tachycardia. So I went online, did a little shoe/jewelry shopping, and while surfing MSN came across an incredible article: Ambitious plan to treat mentally ill inmates, built on a father’s anguish

By his count, Francis J. Greenburger has built or owned more than 20,000 apartments over the past 50 years.... Yet for all of his 20-million-square-foot empire, the project Mr. Greenburger may be most excited about — certainly the one he is most determined to build — is a 25-bed center to treat convicts with mental illnesses. 

"These aren’t criminals,” Mr. Greenburger said during an interview last week at his 15th floor office at 55 Fifth Avenue. “These are people who have committed crimes, mostly because they don’t know any better or they are acting out on impulse. And study after study has shown that prison only makes this behavior worse.”

I couldn't agree more. So I sent him my resume with this note:

Subject: Social worker committed to re-entry and reintegration for ex-offenders with mental illness‏   
Dear Mr. Greenburger,

I just read the New York Times article about your new initiative and had to write to you immediately. I don't know if you are hiring, but your organization is doing exactly what I have hoped to do since I entered John Jay's forensic psychology master's program in 2002: advocate and care for people with serious mental illness who are entangled in the criminal justice system. Because recovery is possible, but only in an appropriate and therapeutic setting.

In addition to my MA, I have my LCSW and CASAC, and I am a certified substance abuse detoxification acupuncturist. I've treated parolees, probationers, and other court-involved clients in a forensic outpatient substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment program, I provided clinical supervision for 16 counselors in Beth Israel's methadone program, and I have some experience in supportive housing. I would like to submit my resume for your consideration, or just to meet you and share ideas.


Ayelet's name and 11 more letters

I forgot to mention Andrea Yates, who really catapulted me into this field, but I think it's still a pretty good letter.

I also interviewed for a different re-entry job at an agency that assists young ex-offenders with career development and placement. It's very clinical, because in order to go from being a drug dealer to being a legit employee, you have to make significant changes to your mindset. I sent them my resume on Saturday, and on Sunday the CEO emailed me to ask me to call and set up an interview, which I attended a week ago.

I thought it went well. I interviewed with him and his second-in-command and sent a thank-you email as soon as I got home. I think he intended to forward it to the second-in-command, but responded instead:

She has the passion, that's for sure

I do share your connect ability with the guys

I bet [name redacted] would like her

Haven't heard anything, but it felt good to be interviewing. To get my LCSW I spent way too long in a job I hated way too much. So I'm going to explore my options aggressively if I'm not happy. I've worked tirelessly for my current agency, I've been incredibly productive and creative, and yet I still get blamed for everything that goes wrong. Like being saluted with "Heil Hitler." So if I get a better offer, or even an equivalent offer, I'm moving on.
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