Tuesday, March 17, 2015

She thinks a little too highly of me

Not a lot of social workers have their LCSW and CASAC. If I were fluent in Spanish, I'd be a unicorn; as it is, I still receive expressions of interest from recruiters at least twice a week. I had a fight with my supervisor and actually called one back a few weeks ago and went on an interview, but the job would have involved working with entitled adolescents, a population I doubly despise. I like working with underprivileged adults, preferably with comorbid substance abuse and psychiatric disorders. What can I say? I like a challenge that doesn't sneer, "That's so lame" or whatever the kids are saying these days..

Anyway, this morning I got another message from a recruiter:

I found your resume on [social work job site where I haven't bothered deactivating my resume]. Please reply to this email if you are interested in discussing the following job opening:

[Placement agency I've never heard of] is seeking a Regional Director of Clinical Services for a full-time permanent position located throughout NY. As director you will develop and implement clinical programming, staff training, and prepare financial plans. This position does requiring travelling to multiple locations in New York. An office may be set up in any of the boroughs or Long Island according to your convenience.


  • Master’s Degree in Social Work or related field, psychiatry, psychology, and medicine
  • Licensed Clinician in NYS
  • 10 years of leadership experience preferably in substance abuse facilities
  • Knowledge of OASAS

Please contact me if you are interested!!

Well, I have a master's in social work and I'm a licensed clinician.in NYS. I know OASAS fairly well. However, nowhere on my resume does it state that I have 10 years of leadership experience anywhere. I have about eight years of clinical experience if you include my second-year internship. Of that, three years constitute clinical supervision, and I have about 10 months of administrative supervisory experience. And my performance at my last job wasn't exactly a stellar success story.

I'm definitely not going to respond; I'm no longer mad at my supervisor, and I'm nowhere near qualified for this position. Why on earth would she contact me?
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