Monday, March 06, 2017

I. Can't. Even.

I thought I blocked my so-called "friend" completely, but I missed one of her email addresses and she wrote:

Subject: I miss you

I am saddened that you chose to block me. I miss you, I care about you, and I worry about you. My intent in removing you from my private page was not to hurt you, but only to limit that group to the people who are actively giving me support during my most challenging moments. I accept that not all friendships are the same, and that your emotional life is generally too precarious to absorb and respond to other people's emotional needs. I am okay with that, and would still like to offer you my friendship and support.

If you would like to discuss this, rather than just shutting me out, you know how to reach me.

I didn't block her because she removed me from her secret Fb account. I blocked her because she insulted me. I have already shut out my sister for being an abusive bully. Friends don't get a pass. Especially passive-aggressive, backhanded-complimenting, gaslighting, self-glorifying, sanctimonious and condescending bitches. As I said,

if someone is going to walk around with simmering resentment, then lash out and slander my character, I don't need them in my life, I can't trust someone who has such a vile opinion of me and claims to be my friend.
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